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  • DroneFest Big Success for First-Ever Canadian Event

    DroneFest Big Success for First-Ever Canadian Event0

    Many people showed up for DroneFest, Canada’s first ever drone festival in Gull Lake, SK. Craig Baird, founder of DroneFest and BlueBox Media, captures scenes from the inaugural event and interviewed excited sponsors and attendees. Be sure to check out our full podcasts with each of these up-and-coming aerial drone photography companies: AgSky IN∙FLIGHT Data

  • DroneFest: Showcasing Rural UAV Explosion

    DroneFest: Showcasing Rural UAV Explosion0

    Drones are taking rural communities by storm. Not only do they allow farmers to view their crops and help livestock producers monitor their herds from the air, they’re making aerial surveys of acreages and farms possible. It’s not an exaggeration that drones are changing the way farming, real estate, mining, and oil exploration are being