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  • Podcast: Big Data for Little Farms with AgSky Technologies

    Podcast: Big Data for Little Farms with AgSky Technologies0

    Big data may have been a thing only available to large farms in the past, but not anymore. We’re talking today to an expert in agriculture and a new player in the aerial photography field. He and his company collect huge quantities of information using their drones, and then specialize in analyzing that data quickly

  • DroneFest: Showcasing Rural UAV Explosion

    DroneFest: Showcasing Rural UAV Explosion0

    Drones are taking rural communities by storm. Not only do they allow farmers to view their crops and help livestock producers monitor their herds from the air, they’re making aerial surveys of acreages and farms possible. It’s not an exaggeration that drones are changing the way farming, real estate, mining, and oil exploration are being

  • Where is Drone Technology Taking Us?

    Where is Drone Technology Taking Us?0

    Drone technology, like most other breakthrough inventions, started off with applications for the military. Formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones have now found commercial and industrial applications. The use of drone technology has benefited daily activities ranging from sports and entertainment to agriculture and security. It’s slowly crept its way into our lives

  • How $9 Million was Raised for Drone Software Firm

    How $9 Million was Raised for Drone Software Firm0

    Great news for those looking to develop drone related business.  DroneDeploy, a startup that has developed cloud-based software for commercial drone applications, was just awarded $9 million in funding, proving there’s a lot of interest in this market. In fact, this $9 million is on top of the $2 million in seed funding they’d raised