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  • 3 Crucial Environmental Benefits of Drones

    3 Crucial Environmental Benefits of Drones0

    UASs, sometimes referred to as drones, have a huge number of positive applications and offer plenty of benefits to users. Here, we take a look at how UASs are being used as an environmentally friendly alternative to benefit conservation and energy projects. Low emissions Most commercial UASs do not operate using fossil fuels meaning that

  • Becoming a Top UAV Pilot – 5 Champions You Need to Know

    Becoming a Top UAV Pilot – 5 Champions You Need to Know0

    Competing in today’s drone races requires UAV pilots to be skilled, experienced and disciplined. Controlling an aerial machine at high speeds is incredibly difficult and often leads to mishaps that can damage both your drone and your confidence. Drone racing courses are usually daunting due to their unforgiving setup and the fact that speeding through

  • Avoiding the Ugly Side of Police Drones

    Avoiding the Ugly Side of Police Drones2

    While some matches are made in heaven (consider 3D printing and drones), mashing two technologies together doesn’t always have positive results. Consider a world where police drones are armed with handguns and automatic weapons. Certainly allowing the average person to modify their drones in such a way raises all kinds of alarm bells. But what

  • 3D Printed UAV Design – Good Idea or Bad?

    3D Printed UAV Design – Good Idea or Bad?2

    Imagine if you could print a UAV design of your choice using a 3D printer. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 3D printing has shown great potential in the recent past and its combination with UAV design could have significant business potential as users may be able to customize their equipment by printing drone parts themselves. However,